THE Demon in Disguise

A painfully real true crime tale 


The Demon in Disguise

For every suspense novel that entertains, there is a true crime tale that dispenses with belief suspension in favor of the painfully real. Ashley Elliott survived the execution style murder of her father and friend, the drugging and kidnapping of her mother, and the small town good ol’ boy criminal justice system.


Kim Goldman – short

"The Demon in Disguise is testament to fortitude, courage, and devotion to lost loved ones, in the relentless pursuit of doing the right thing, obtaining justice."

Kim Goldman
Brother of Ron Goldman, and author of His Name is Ron: Our Search for Justice

Fred Goldman – short

"In her riveting work, Ashley Elliott painfully reveals what it means for a crime survivor to devote precious years to a campaign dedicated to holding a violent criminal accountable.”

Fred Goldman
Father of Ron Goldman

Tiffany Lee Gaston

“Ashley Elliott's, The Demon in Disguise, is a captivating account of her painstakingly lengthy pursuit of justice for her parents. This gripping tale of a true crime of passion takes you on Ashley's relentless search for answers in the case of her father's murder and mother's kidnapping."

Tiffany Lee Gaston
Author of From Broken to Badass, Turning My Pain into Power

Andy Chaleff

“There is an undercurrent of intensity that runs through Ashley’s work which makes you want to simultaneously put it down and keep on reading.”

Andy Chaleff
Author of The Wounded Healer

Matthew Schwartz

“An incredible and riveting account of a horrible ordeal. I couldn’t put it down.”

Matthew Schwartz
Author Confessions of an Investigative Reporter Amazon Best Seller in Biographies of Journalists (Kindle version)


Ashley Elliott

Ashley Elliott was born and raised in the town of Conway, Arkansas and was by any measure proceeding on a traditional career path. After she turned twenty-five, and her wedding months away, her life got turned inside out when her father was murdered and, a month later, her mother drugged and kidnapped, entangling her for a decade with the criminal justice system and a relentless quest for justice.

The resulting trauma led to a diagnosis of PTSD and general anxiety, which she managed and overcame through therapy, family support, and the medium of writing.

The Demon in Disguise represents the culmination of a deep plunge into the center of her pain and painstaking exploration of her truth.

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Book Signing

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